Camera Equipment We LOVE


Sony RX-100 • Mark V

$948 on Amazon

YES.  It's a Point and Shoot.  How are people supposed to take a professional videographer seriously with a point and shoot video camera?

Put it on a GIMBAL (What's a Gimbal?).  You MUST have a gimbal if you buy this camera.  When you have just a point and shoot alone...  you'll get made fun of, and truthfully the quality won't be as good.  But the minute that camera is on a gimbal, pro video respect goes through the roof.

These are the reasons why the SONY RX 100 Mark 5 is a badass camera...

  1. Shoots in 4k (If you're into that.)
  2. Shoots in 120fps or 60fps in 1080p for incredible slow-mo.
  3. Extremely versatile -- Zoom in and out (from the GIMBAL) and control with extreme ease -- all with one hand.
  4. F-Stop is INSANE  •  1.8 - 2.8 for great lowlight footage.
  5. Built-in ND Filter.  Easily keep your depth of field while outside.
  6. It has Phase Detection Auto-focus.  Which is REALLY good. (Click here to learn about Phase Detection AutoFocus)
  7. The Camera Display pulls out from the camera to get weird angles easier.
  8. No Lens changing!  Collect more and better footage, much faster.
  9. Very light.  Hold this all day and don't get tired.
  10. Extremely High Quality.  This is literally my #1 go-to camera.

In summary, set this camera on a gimbal, and everything you used to hate about creating videos (i.e. setting up tripods, getting perfect focus, making your camera level, changing lenses) ... GONE.


Zhiyun Crane  •  Gimbal Stabilizer

$449 on Amazon

This is the secret sauce that makes the SONY RX100 come alive.

If you think you're fine without getting a Gimbal, PLEASE reconsider.  I've been doing videos since before the word "Gimbal" was even in the dictionary, and video with a Gimbal is easier, more professional, and about 4 times faster than video without a Gimbal.

Don't believe me?  Maybe THIS GUY can convince you.

These are the reasons why I believe the Zhiyun Crane is probably the best Gimbal choice..

  1. Best Bang for your Buck  •  At $449, the result you get feels like a steal.
  2. Can fit most DSLRs  •  If you have other camera's you wanna stick on your Gimbal, you're good to go.
  3. Great Electronics •  Pan with your thumb.  Zoom with your thumb.  No longer touch the camera when filming.
  4. Trusted Company  •  Zhiyun is constantly making updates to their app and upgrading their service.

Also, make sure you look up how to balance your camera on the Gimbal.  If you don't, you'll likely end up chucking your new camera up against the wall out of frustration...  THIS VIDEO can help you with that.